Siri was founded in  the year 2007 by Dag Kittlaus  (CEO), Adam Cheyer (VP Engineering), and Tom Gruber (CTO/VP Design) .

Siri is now an integrated part of iOS 5, and available only on the iPhone 4S


It is an intelligent assistant  and personal (PA).by way of using natural language user interface to answer ,raise song,play audio,video,volume control,go to internet etc...........


STEP 1: Initially need an iPhone 4 or iPod touch  which is running iOS 5 / iOS 5.0.1. You can check your iOS firmware download page here.

STEP 2: You’ll  need to do  jailbreak your iPhone 4 or iPod touch 4G by using our guide posted here for iOS 4.

STEP 3: Once jail broken is done , head to Cydia then Manage, Sources, Edit and finally hit  the Add.

STEP 4: Write the following  some repository and hit add:

STEP 5: return  back to your  Cydia and  then search for H1Siri andinstall it on your phone . It will take some time to appear  since it weighs 109 MB.

STEP 6: After  successful installation, give your device a reboot.

STEP 7: Now go to Settings, General, Siri and switch it to on.